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Rose32 Bread is built on the belief that the best bread is made in small batches by a skilled baker using only the finest ingredients.

Small batch baking means we stay loyal to the basic ingredients of organic flour, water and sea salt. Our hands-on approach nurtures the bread and our own creativity as we take the time to make each loaf sing with flavor. The dough – some of which is mixed a full two days before baking – has plenty of time to rest, rise, and grow to its fullest expression.

When the moment is right, the dough is baked in a unique wood-fired oven crafted from Barcelona, Spain – one of only a very few in the entire United States. The fire is built the night before baking, giving plenty of time for heat to soak evenly into the thirty ton structure. Each morning, the dough is placed by hand into the oven with a long-handled wooden peel. As the bread bakes, steam is created, yielding a naturally caramelized loaf with a shiny golden crust.

Small batches allow us to deliver to you when the bread is fresh, baked that very morning. Long fermentation enhances the flavor and extends its keeping qualities without using sugars, preservatives, dough conditioners, or artificial ingredients.

When placed in your stores, customers see, feel, smell, and taste the difference of our small batch approach. People who eat Rose32 bread appreciate the passion behind each and every loaf – and they’ll come back to you again and again for more.

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