The Oven

Expertly crafted in Spain and built on site in our bakery, this magnificent Llopis wood burning brick oven is the gem of Rose32 Bread. The 20-ton structure is more than hard to miss; it gives a sense of pride to the work we do at Rose32 and makes visiting the bakery a remarkable experience. The oven’s three-inch thick revolving baking stone ensures that the fire’s heat hits every single loaf, and the ensuing warmth and aroma draws visitors’ senses to our doors.

Our Bread

At Rose32 Bread we stay loyal to the simple ingredients of organic flour, water and sea salt. Each morning, the dough is placed by hand into the unique wood-fired oven with a long-handled wooden peel. As the bread bakes, steam is created, naturally yielding a caramelized loaf with a shiny golden crust. You’ll never find sugars, preservatives, dough conditioners, or artificial ingredients in our freshly baked breads.


Made with farm fresh eggs, butter and seasonal fruits.

Espresso & Tea

Our coffee is roasted weekly for us at Barrington coffee roasters. We brew our Coffee in small batches through out the day. The espresso drinks are all made using The La Marzocco Paddle Espresso machine, hand made in Florence, Italy.

Our tea is from the Green Tea house in West Hartford, CT. We buy only loose leaf tea and brew to order preserving its natural fragrance, taste and extensive health benefits. All our tea can be brewed hot or iced.

Tables & Benches

Our tables and benches were built by Dustin Glascoe of Vermont Farm Table.

The large and small tables are made out of 2.25 inch thick Loblolly Pine and the benches are built out of reclaimed scraps of wood. (see barn below)

See the photos below and visit his website at