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Career Opportunities

We really are a small batch Artisan Bakery that incorporates all our fresh bread, croissants and other baked goods into our breakfast and lunch cafe menu.

We started baking in the ’70s and grew from one small bakery in the San Francisco Bay area into a national company employing 250 people. Eventually, we sold the big business and moved into the small town of Hardwick, Massachusetts, where, after a short hiatus, we opened a small bakery called Rose32 that blends decades of world-class know-how with a quaint hands-on approach.

We do it all and have been for over 30 years. We are a hugely successful award winning Bakery and Cafe with a million plus in sales a year. We are quality driven and committed to perfecting simplicity in all we do. Open since 2010 in Central Massachusetts, each year our continued growth means hiring more employees.

Watch our video for a peek inside the bakery.

Head Baker

Must have both:

  • Education experience – required AA degree preferably in baking and pastry arts.
  • A minimum of two years related work experience in a professional bakery setting.

Small batch artisan baker job description
Experience with all aspect of yeasted, naturally leavened, and laminated doughs:

  • Mixing: experience operating cooking and baking equipment. Working knowledge of metric weights and measurements.
  • Shaping: ability to hand roll multiple loaves, rounds, rolls and baguettes.
  • Proofing: working knowledge of how bread rises with the ability to adjust temperatures controls on proof boxes, retarders and ambient air room temp.
  • Baking: loading and un-loading a deck oven using an oven peel. Knowledge of celsius temp control and the ability to monitor and control a wood fired oven. Ability to stand for long periods of time on a hard surfaces and physically be able to adjust to air temperatures that are hot and cold.

Baker requirements:

  • Must be able to push and pull up to 150 pounds
  • Ability to lift at least 50 pounds
  • Can bend and stoop
  • Able to communicate in English both written and spoken
  • Working knowledge of heath, safety and sanitation procedures
  • Able to handle fast pace sometimes stressful environment
  • Professional appearance and demeanor
  • Must have excellent math skill and ability to multi-task to and from multiple jobs

Pay $17.00 an hour
Full time Wednesday through Sunday
4:00 am – 12:30 pm

If you meet theses requirements and feel that you have the experience, passion and desire to work for rose 32 bread. Please send your resume and cover letter to

Baker/Pastry Chef  •  Front of House Manager

Is your dream to someday open your own small bakery/cafe? This could be the perfect place for you to learn hands on what it takes – from baking to banking…cooking & creating…personnel & personality…customers & service…from open to close everyday!

Or if your goal is to broaden your knowledge, hone your skills and further your work experience, we offer an opportunity to work one-on-one and learn from successful professionals who will share their world-class-know-how and personal approach to baking and cooking.

Please email us your resume and a cover letter conveying your plans/ideas for your future.

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